There is a reason behind my design–and it is YOU. It's because I want to make something that will make you feel beautiful.

As I work, I imagine the person who will wear the piece I am making. I envision how they will wear it, and where they will go. The image in my mind inspires me. My customers are creative individuals who know what they want and how to style it. It keeps me in the studio striving to make exciting options for them.

About the studio

  • Be in the moment and love your look.

  • Dress it down with denim then live it up.

  • Enjoy the journey and to yourself be true.

STYLE it your way. The more you wear it, the more it becomes you.

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The artisan LEATHER necklace

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The essential LONG earring

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There is a je ne sais quoi about aura of mystery and fascination. She wears like no other; truly unique and wonderful...